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Printing A1 Poster

Printing A1 Poster

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Take a good look at the "Submission specifications" page to submit your print for the A1 poster.

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Easy to move

The sidewalk sign has two wheels at the bottom, making it easy to move despite its weight.

Print rotator

The top of the sidewalk sign is ideal for providing your logo or slogan. You can order the sidewalk sign directly from us and have it printed.

Waterproof click profile

The sidewalk sign is equipped with a handy waterproof click profile. This allows you to quickly and easily change your posters. The silicone strip on the inside makes the sidewalk sign waterproof, so your posters remain protected against rain.

Round base with protective edge

The round base of the sidewalk sign ensures that the sidewalk sign remains stable. It has a rubber edge at the bottom to prevent damage to the surface and the board.

Product description

The Rotator Stoepbord is a real eye-catcher. The rotating top part is guaranteed to attract attention. The wheels provide extra comfort and flexibility in placement. The round shapes make this sidewalk sign classy and cool at the same time. With the combination of the steel frame and the handy click profile you get a sturdy sidewalk sign that will steal the show.

Strong and solid

Due to the weight of the steel frame, the Rotator can take a beating. The sidewalk sign is equipped with a waterproof click profile and rotating sign, making the Rotator ideal for outdoor applications. The anti-reflection front foils ensure that your posters remain protected against moisture and dirt. The large round base with wheels makes the Rotator easy to roll in and out.

The sidewalk sign is sturdy enough to use outside in Dutch weather conditions. However, in some cases it may be desirable to provide the sidewalk sign with a little more strength, such as in locations where the sidewalk sign catches more wind. In this case, you can add the extra weight for the Rotator to your sidewalk sign for that extra bit of strength.

Personalize your Rotator

The Rotator Rotator sign is ideal for printing your logo or slogan. You can easily request a print by adding the product 'Rotator board print' to your shopping cart. You can find these at the shop.

Download our handy working drawing for preparing the file to be printed here and send it together with your order number to . Are you unsure or do you need extra help in formatting the file? Please contact one of our employees, we will be happy to help you!

Properties of the Rotator

  • Spinning board
  • A waterproof sidewalk sign
  • Handy click profile for changing posters
  • Striking black color
  • Sturdy round metal base with wheels
  • Easy to move due to the wheels
  • Rotator board can be personalized


  • Poster size: 594x841mm
  • Outside dimensions: 754 mm
  • Rotator board: 570 mm
  • Total height: 1900 mm