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About Rotator

Rotator is a dynamic sidewalk sign with A1 snap frame. The rotating sign is printed on both sides, so that every turning movement changes the image in the street scene. The poster will also stand out more because of the moving board. Because the sign is easy to replace, you retain the flexibility to communicate appropriate expressions of your company. Rotator offers the opportunity to distinguish yourself in the current street scene and increase your attention value. The sidewalk sign can be completely personalized, so it will always fit seamlessly with your store formula or brand identity.


The products in our range are always sufficiently in stock. This way we ensure that our customers can be served quickly.

If a particular product is not in stock and you cannot wait for the delayed delivery time, we always offer an alternative that will not disadvantage you as a customer.

Warranty and defects

At Rotator we believe it is important that you enjoy our products for a long time. Of course, it can always happen that the product you ordered does not function properly. This could be caused, for example, by a manufacturing error.

We always offer a 2-year warranty on our products. Is your product defective and is the defect still within the warranty period? We ask you to do the following:

Step 1: Take one or a few photos of your product so that we can see exactly what the problem is.

Step 2: Send your photos to and state what exactly you observed.

Our aim is that your problem is solved and our customers are satisfied. That is why we always offer the service that you will always be personally called or emailed by one of our product specialists.

Order and pay

You can choose from the following payment methods: IDEAL, VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, Mister Cash, Sofort banking, Giro Pay or PayPal. When paying via credit card payment methods (VISA and Mastercard), your credit card will only be charged by your credit card company once your order has been delivered.

Shipping and shipping rates

Status of your shipment

At Rotator we think it is important that you know exactly what the status of your order is.

  1. Order confirmation: After your order you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.
  2. Digital invoice: Our sales team checks all your details and sends you a digital invoice for your administration.
  3. Track & Trace: You will receive a notification when your package is packed and you will receive your Track & Trace number.

Shipping rates

Delivery in the Netherlands: €35.00 excluding VAT
Delivery in Belgium: €35.00 excluding VAT

Exchanges and returns

How do I exchange my item?

At Rotator we love speed. Therefore, if you want a different product, you can already order the desired product. You can simply return the product you do not want.

How do I return my item?

We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the product, but we are happy to help you on your way. Download the return form here . To make the refund go as smoothly as possible, it is important that you complete the form completely.

Return options

Once you have sent the returns form to us, our colleagues will collect the package from you.

Repack your item

Make sure your product is safely packed again. This can be done in the same box in which your product was delivered. Use air cushions, bubble wrap or other filling material to ensure that your package contains as little empty space as possible. This prevents any damage during transport.

Was your item delivered in multiple packages that were attached to each other by a strap/member? Then connect them back together using a rope or tape.

The status of your return

After the order has been returned to us, we will check the package. We will inform you about the refund of the amount paid or the delivery of the replacement product.


If you have returned a product, we will check it as soon as the order has been returned to us. You will then be informed by email about the refund of the paid amount.

Exclusions from the right of return

Custom-made items and items from our own production that are made especially for you when you order are excluded from the right of return. For the relevant items, this is clearly stated on the product page with a 'specially made for you' button.

My product was delivered damaged

Was your product delivered damaged? We find this very annoying. The defect may be caused by a production error or by careless delivery.

  • Defect due to production error: You can take a photo of the defective product and the alleged cause and send it to us. We will then contact you to find a suitable solution. Your satisfaction as a customer is our priority!
  • Defect due to delivery: it may happen that the delivery person has handled your package a little too enthusiastically. Please take a photo of the damaged box and the defective product and email it to our customer service. We will then contact you as soon as possible to find a suitable solution.

Report damage within 2 working days!

Every package is packed for you with the greatest care. Unfortunately, drivers do not always handle our packages with the greatest care. The above is therefore important to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Damages must be reported within two working days of delivery. In order to serve you as best as possible, we would kindly request that you send a total of 3 photos. In the event of damage, we would like to ask you the following:

  1. Take a photo that clearly shows the product and the damage. If multiple products are damaged, this will be clearly shown in the photo. If (partial) protection is present, please include this in the photo.
  2. Take a photo of the packaging. If 'fragile tape' is present, please include this in the photo(s).
  3. Take a photo of the packing slip that was attached to the damaged delivery.

Once we have received the above images, we can help you repair your damage. Once again apologies for the inconvenience!

Rotator cannot be held liable for transport damage if you have signed for receipt. If there is a good chance that someone else will accept your package, please ensure that this person is aware of the above procedure.

Tips for a damaged delivery

We classify a damaged delivery into visible damage upon delivery and suspected damage upon delivery.

  • Visible damage: in case of visible damage to the product, we advise you to refuse the package and ask the carrier to take the package back. So you do not accept that shipment due to damage!
  • Suspected damage: in case of suspected damage, but not visible through the packaging, please make a note on the consignment note or sign-off device. If the driver does not allow this, we advise you to use an 'X' as your signature. This way our customer service knows exactly how to deal with this.

My order is incomplete

Have you ordered multiple products and not everything has been delivered? Do not panic! There are two possible causes.

Or one of your products was temporarily unavailable. In principle, we will always inform you of this. So you can expect a package from us soon. But unfortunately, where we work hard, mistakes are sometimes made. A colleague may have been sleeping. In this case, please contact us as soon as possible and we will ensure that you receive the missing product as quickly as possible.

Privacy Statement

Rotator respects the privacy of all users of its sites and ensures that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially and carefully.

This is the website of The Tag Company
Our registration number with the Chamber of Commerce is 89659066
Our VAT number is NL004751324B25

Every time you visit our website, our web server automatically recognizes neither your domain name nor your e-mail address.
When you visit our website we store:
- all information relating to the pages you have consulted on our site;
- all information that you have voluntarily provided (for example research information and/or site registration).

This information is used:
- to successfully process your order;
- for internal use and will then be deleted;
- to improve the content of our website.
The information is only used internally and is not passed on to other organizations for commercial purposes.

We use cookies on this site (a cookie is a small file that is sent by an Internet server and that is installed on the hard drive of your computer. This file keeps track of the visited Internet site and contains a number of data about this visit) :
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- to improve the content of our website.

We have no partnerships or special relationships with third parties on the Internet.

We have implemented the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, unauthorized use or modification of information we receive on our site.

How do you contact us regarding our privacy policy?
If you wish to respond to our privacy policy, you can contact us:
By Email:
By telephone: +31 851 303 857.

About communication by email
If you do not wish to receive emails from our company in the future, please contact us at the address above.
About communication by letter
If you provide us with your postal address via the web, you will only receive the information you requested at the address you provided to us.
About communication by WhatsApp
If you provide us with your telephone number via WhatsApp, our company can contact you via WhatsApp regarding information about our products and services. If you do not wish to receive such WhatsApp messages, you can contact us at the address mentioned above.

Upon request, we offer visitors to our site the opportunity to correct any incorrect information we maintain about them. If you wish to correct your personal information, please contact us at the address above or log in to My Account.

If you feel that our site is not in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact our company itself at the address above.

Terms and Conditions

You can view and download The Tag Company's general terms and conditions here: General terms and conditions .